Sansolver can solve some problems of water in the current living and industry.
For instance, it makes production lead time of fish or vegetable more shorter, cleans waster water, encourages faster growth of oil productive microalga.
It will reflect on current demands for solution of global problems as food shortage, polluted water, and limitation of oil.


●High gas dissolved efficiency

Apply a fine bubble device patented technology
To reduce amounts of oxygen in Land-based aquaculture, Sansolver will cause dissolving oxygen efficiently.
※To improve max 50% of dissolution efficiency; O2,one way pass.
Dissolution efficiency = (dissolved oxygen mass at device outlet, mass at inlet) / Input oxygen mass

●Dissolution a gas by small amount of water and under the low pressure

In the case of a small model, It performs at 8L. / min water and Device Inlet pressure 0.01MPa.

●Simple dissolution system

Avoid to be jammed and clean easily because of simple internal structure.

●High corrosion resistance

The gas dissolution water-contacting part is made of resin and rubber, and Sansolver can be used for various kinds of liquids besides seawater by combining with a SANSO’s pump.

●Various types of gas can be dissolved(oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.)

※Consult separately for gases and liquids corroding contacted parts, such as ozone.

Technical Information

Basic Systems

Basic Specification


・Activation of the bio filter
・Sewerage treatment facilities
・Improvement growing environment of aquaculture
・Aquaculture -Fish farming-
・Live Stock (Seafoods) wholesaler and logistic company
・Hydroponics farmers
・Mass production of the bio-fuel


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