Self-priming magnetic dive pumps

Self-priming magnetic dive pumps


PMDS-421 PMDS-581 PMDS-641,641B PMDS-643,643B PMDS-1561,1561B PMDS-1563,1563B PMDS-2571 PMDS-2573 PMHS-1511B2M PMHS-1513B2M


●High performance and energy saving

Compared to the conventional products, the pump efficiency increased by 35%. This type became smaller, lighter, 5-dB quieter and 50% reduction in vibration.

●Long-life and no liquid leakage

There is no liquid leakage due to no shaft seal part. As made of resin, this type is appropriate for transporting highly corrosive special liquid.

●Freely detachable self-priming tank

A freely detachable self-priming tank design. Self-priming and non-self-priming can be selected according to application. Though it is easy to switch between a self-priming pump (PMDS type) and a non-self-priming pump (PMD type), contact us before switching.

●No reduction in max. self-priming height due to liquid temperature

Its innovative self-priming design does not cause the maximum self-priming height to be reduced by liquid temperature.


●Seawater circulation and chemical solution circulation (some excluded)
●Coolant circulation, fish preserves and seawater plants
●Hydroponic culture and plant factories


※Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance must be verified before using the products by checking whether an intended purpose can be achieved with a preliminary test, etc.
※In order to use cold water, apply lagging materials and/or heat-insulating materials as measures against dew condensation if necessary.

Corrosion resistance Table

Sodium hypochloriteUp to 5 ppm of concentration
Caustic sodaUp to 5% of concentration
Hydrochloric acidUp to 30% of concentration
Sulfuric acidUp to 10% of concentration
Citric acidUp to 10% of concentration

※The above corrosion resistance table shows the standards when a fluid temperature is normal(0 ~40 ℃).

Part name and material

(Note 1)Material of water contact part

 Part name Classification 2
CasingPP(with glass)
ImpellerPP(with glass)
Pump shaftAlumina ceramics
Thrust blockAlumina ceramics
Pump bearingPTFE

Performance curve


Self-priming magnetic dive pumps

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Self-priming magnetic dive pumps

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