QD4H Male Quick Disconnect No-Spill Coupling, Panel Barb for 13mm – 1/2in

Koolance patented quick disconnect no-spill coupling with automatic shutoff. 13mm (1/2in) ID male panel-mountable hose barb with clamp for 16mm OD (5/8in). It will only fit a Koolance QD4H female quick disconnect.

After pulling the ring on the female QDC side, the quick-disconnect fittings will separate. Liquid on both sides will be automatically obstructed with approximately 0.2ml freed. Coolant volume lost upon disconnection will rise with internal pressure higher than 10kgf/cm2 (142psi).

Download Spec Sheet

3D Model qd4h-m13-p.step_.zip

Diagram qd4h-m13-p_d1.pdf

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