EX2-1055 Computer Liquid Cooling System, Rev1.3

EX2-1055 is an ambient liquid cooling system designed with features for computer cooling. This model contains a triple x 120mm fan aluminum radiator, providing roughly 900W of cooling with a 25°C ambient delta. Just add tubing, fittings, coolant, and connect to your cold plate(s).

  • Cooling capacity: 900W (3071BTU/hr) with 25°C liquid-ambient delta @ 4.5LPM
  • Radiator fan speed: automatic based on temperature, or 10 manual levels
  • Pump: 10 manual levels, up to 4.5LPM (1.2GPM)
  • Adjust audio alarm based on 3 included temperature sensors
  • Relay trigger can be configured as NO or NC and adjusted based on temperature
  • Power input: 12VDC (via computer Molex plug), or 110/220VAC with separate adapter
  • Reservoir capacity: 142mL (4.8 fl oz)
  • G 1/4 BSPP threads on back for fittings

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