T16-S Mini Track Actuator with Limit Switches

Actuonix’s unique line of Micro Linear Track Actuators enables a new generation of motion enabled product designs, with capabilities that have never before been combined in a device of this size. These linear track actuators are a superior alternative to designing your own push/pull mechanisms.

Built on the same platform as the proven P16, the T16-S tracktuators are complete, self-contained linear motion devices with end of stroke limit switches for simple two position automation. The track design makes the T16 significantly shorter than the same stroke length P16, since instead of an extending shaft, a sliding mount is provided. The sliding mount also significantly increases the maximum side load specification.

As with our other “S” series units, this T16-S is a simple 2-wire actuator that can be operated by reversing polarity on it’s two leads. The “S” series has end of stroke limit switches to that will turn off the unit if it runs into its end stop. These actuators can be wired to work with a latching or momentary DPDT switch, relay or for RC a you can use a brushed reversible DC motor controller. The T16 “S” series is available in 12v only.

Premium components in this model include: large sealed stainless steel bearings, planetary gearbox, stainless steel lead screw, and glass re-enforced nylon housing.

“S” series actuators can not be used with our LAC board.

The P16-S line includes 9 unique models featuring:

  • Optional stroke lengths of 100mm, 200mm or 300mm
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 50N (11lbs) and 300N (67lbs) and speeds between 4.8mm/s and 46mm/s
  • Only available as a 12V unit

T16 Series 3D Files (IGES)
T16 Series 3D Files (STP)

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