Linear Actuator Control Board

The Linear Actuator Control Board is a stand-alone, closed-loop control board specifically designed for Actuonix P-series micro linear actuators. The LAC simplifies designs by saving the development time, cost and processor overhead associated with direct motor control. As little as 1 digital or analog output is required for position control. Supported input signals include USB, voltage, current, RC servo and PWM. On-board adjustment of speed, sensitivity and stroke limits are available.

This linear actuator controller can be operated as both an interface board or as a stand alone controller with the addition of an external potentiometer and power supply. Each LAC board controls 1 linear actuator and will require an external power supply rated for the actuator.

The LAC is compatible with all P-series micro linear actuator on this site. A 6 volt or 12 volt power supply is required for operation.

Please note: the LAC board is only compatible with P-series actuators. It will not work with S, I or R actuators.

Download the LAC datasheet here
Download the LAC Servo Actuator Quick Start Guide. This is for using our LAC with the larger feedback actuators via RC.
Download the LAC USB Control & Configuration guide here.
Download the LAC Software.

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