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Plastic adjustable feet, plastic leveling feet, conveyor, screws, studs, bolts, spindle: tthe line includes leveling components with fiber glass reinforced polyamide base, which helps distributing the load to the ground.
Applications are: automation, conveyor systems, packaging, work-desk, aluminum structures a.s.o.
Plastic Line – Stainless steel screw
  Conveyors Line – Stainless steel screw
  Plastic Line – Steel screw   Conveyors Line – Steel screw   Plugs & Welding Plates
linea plastica-stelo inox-150x150
linea conveyors-stelo inox-150x150
linea plastica-stelo ferro-150x150
linea conveyors-stelo ferro-150x150
linea platica-tappi e piastrine1-150x150